The Future of Banking

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The landscape of the Mauritian financial center has been undergoing transformative shifts over the past several years. The surge in regulatory demands, erosion of banking secrecy, and escalating banking costs amidst a downward earnings trend have impacted not only major financial institutions but also private banks, leading to mergers, acquisitions, or closures.

In response to these indicators in 2010, BMS Private Banking embraced a fresh strategy. We formulated a new set of principles and realigned all our endeavors with our core business.

Preserving our independence, we operate free from foreign influences, deliberately steering clear of in-house investment banking activities, refraining from maintaining proprietary fund companies, abstaining from offering in-house products, and eschewing the provision of commercial loans. This ensures our support remains entirely devoid of conflicts of interest.

Our commitment to stability and security is unwavering. BMS Private Banking ensures security by consistently conducting its operations as a wealth manager on behalf of its clients. The substantial stability is further fortified by our majority shareholder, boasting an above-average Standard & Poor's rating. BMS Private Banking stands resilient in navigating the evolving financial landscape with a focus on principled and secure wealth management practices.