About Us

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BMS Private Banking Ltd. stands as a financial institution owned by a majority shareholder and a select group of private investors. This collective ownership forms a seasoned community that contributes expertise, resources, and steadfast support to our robust Private Banking enterprise. We uphold a set of core values that are pivotal in delivering optimal advice to our discreet clientele:

Guidance and Insight

Central to our strengths is our adeptness at discerning and comprehending the unique needs of our clients. With an unwavering focus on our clients, each possessing distinct expectations and investment preferences, we actively engage in consultative partnerships to craft tailored solutions. Leveraging our knowledge, we provide a spectrum of specially designed services to address your individual requirements

Autonomy and Assurance

At the core of our approach is the commitment to independence and security. Our investment recommendations stem solely from a thorough understanding of our clients' personal goals and risk tolerance. We prioritize safeguarding your financial interests while ensuring that our advisory services align seamlessly with your unique financial objectives.